About Col

I fell in love with photography the instant my dad handed me his old Nikon DSLR; my first question was, what are all those dials and buttons for? I am entirely self taught, which for me has been a really awesome way of learning the beautiful art of photography. It's always amazing to me how many subtleties there are in creating a photograph that accurately portrays that timeless moment, pictured so vividly in the mind's eye. I'm greatly inspired by masters of the art such as: Chris Burkard, Cory Richards, Jimmy Chin, Keith Ladzinski, Renan Ozturk, as well as so many other inspiring people I meet along the way.

I currently split my time between the East Coast of Australia, the mountains of Colorado and the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii. I've found that nature, outdoor sports and everything wild and free has, and always will be a fundamental and necessary aspect of my life.

Commercial Work includes:

- Official Race Photographer for the 2018 US Open of Cyclocross at Valmont, Boulder, CO.

- Event Photographer for the 2019 Byron Bay Surf Festival, Byron Bay, Australia.

- Director of Victoria and Seattle music videos for William Harries Graham, Austin, TX.


- MAAP Cycling Apparel, Cannondale Bikes, Island’her Swimwear, Soulti Surf, Halcyon Daze.


- Velo News, Rock and Ice Magazine, Cyclocross Magazine, SurfVisuals Magazine, Cycling News.